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How Medicare and Anthem Defraud Doctors

Find out how our health care administration system is being undermined by Anthem Insurance, and its National Government Services (NGS) subsidiary. Anthem is the poster child on how to buy off politicians and government workers to extort money from small health practices like yours.

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New Medicare ID's

Enter NO-DASHES, and you'll be fine!

Effective April, 2018, Medicare patients will be issued a new Subscriber ID and new ID card. The new ID will be 11 characters long, and contain two dashes. The dashes are to make the ID easier to read, but are not part of the ID. When entering the new ID into DocPro, be sure to exclude the dashes, and also do not leave any spaces. So, the new ID will be 11 characters with NO-DASHES and NO-SPACES. It is that easy.

The purpose of the new ID is to remove the patient's SSN from ID's, which is long overdue. The new cards will be phased in during the next year, but all ID's must be changed by April of 2019. Patients in our area of New England are suppose to get their new cards after June of 2018. You can continue to use old ID's as needed during the phase in period.

You can use the following links to find out more about the new ID, but there may be no need to do so.

Understanding the New Medicare ID Format.

Schedule for the New Medicare ID Card.

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